Formerly, a unique genre of gifts and decorative accessories store, Sidney Cardel’s has now expanded our interests into “Interior Styling”!

So, what does that mean to me?  What is interior styling?

Interior Styling is all encompassing. It is overall health and wellness for your body, your home…your life!
You see, my former store was named after my Mother, Sidney Cardel.  She passed away unexpectedly from a massive heart attack in 1999.  This changed everything for me, so later in life, my journey took me into the home arena where I opened my own home and gift store in honor of my Mom.

Eight years later, I was introduced to a health and wellness company that literally altered my life again.  My passion started changing.  As I saw an incredible, positive shift in my own health due to the products I was introduced to, I thought….what if?  If she would have had these very products when my Mother was alive, my Mother may very well be alive today. *

I opened my store in honor of my Mom…and guess I closed my store in honor of her as well.

So, while still continuing design services, I recognized that the “perception” of your home and your space can actually improve your life, and in some cases your health and overall well being.  It was then I decided to integrate and alter the world of Sidney Cardel’s into sharing and educating how one’s home…one’s interior health if you will, can mean more than just the existence of a physical store.

I hope you’ll continue to follow this blog as I share insight into Interior Styling for you!

On behalf of Sidney Cardel’s…We thank you for our loving our little store…and continuing to love and support us today.

*Please email me to inquire about interior design services.
*To learn more about my health and wellness products and/or company, please visit my group page, Live Your Legacy!