Benefits of home staging

The following data comes from the Real Estate Staging Association Publications, the National Association of Realtors and Professional Staging.

  • 85% of staged homes sold for 5 to 23% over their listing price.
  • 22% of sellers’ agents reported a 1% to 5% increase in selling price for homes that had been staged versus homes that were not.
  • Home staging brings in an 8-10% return on investment.
  • A staged home spends 73% less time on the market than a non-staged home.
  • 81% of homebuyers say that a staged home makes it easier for them to sell their home
  • Staging a home on the market increases the sale price of the home on average anywhere from 1-10% according to 50% of home real estate agents.

Home staging is temporarily redecorating and freshening your house so that when buyers come for a tour, it looks its best and is easier for them to feel a sense of “home” and visualize themselves living there. Home staging efforts go beyond adding charming furniture and decorations. Cathy can make your home look larger, ensure the decor and accessories appeal to a large group of buyers, and remove clutter and personal items that are difficult for some homeowners to do and difficult for buyers to look past.  

It all starts with a Staging Consultation.


Staging Consultation

The staging consultation is where Cathy does a walk-through of your home to assess and determine what is needed to enhance your home and property to look its best with a visual impact to validate your selling offer and appeal to the greatest number of potential buyers.  This can be accomplished with or without your Realtor.  

During this consultation, notes will be taken starting at the front entrance to maximize curb appeal, as this immediately creates the buyer’s excitement for your home, to each room Cathy feels you should address, as sometimes all rooms aren’t necessary to stage.  You’ll then receive a prioritized assessment of your home with documented notes on how Cathy would prepare your home for the market.  This may include suggestions for furniture placement or changes, painting, lighting, input for artwork, plants, bedding, etc., and any other proven staging solutions, supported with photographs.  

From the front yard to the back, Cathy will give you valuable tips to give your home a look and feel that is upscale and updated to maximize the selling price and reduce the time on the market. You are welcome to tackle the task yourself or Cathy is there to help if you’d like her to proceed with the staging.  

*Consultation fee of $450.  Upon request for further staging assistance, the price varies depending on the scale of the project.


“When we got home after Cathy and her team staged our home, we were speechless and I literally cried! I was overwhelmed with emotion because our home never looked this beautiful. We almost didn’t want to sell it but had already purchased some property and made plans to move out of state. It was absolutely incredible, and we just wish we would have hired her to decorate when we first moved here. I would highly recommend Cathy to anyone looking to sell their home.”

* Received multiple offers the first day it went on the market and over the weekend. Contract on following Monday, SOLD.

Happy Ponte Vedra Homeowner

“We didn’t think our home needed any changes to put it on the market. After a discussion with Cathy and our realtor, we were skeptical but agreed to allow Cathy to stage our home. The changes Cathy made were subtle, but after seeing them, we realized the impact and difference they made. Clearly, they were necessary.”

* SOLD to the first buyer to see home, before it actually went on the market.

Happy Jacksonville Beach Homeowner

“I didn’t feel we needed to stage our home but based on our realtor’s experience with Cathy, and Cathy’s suggestions she felt would definitely make a difference, we decided to proceed. We gave her a budget with a tight deadline and what she did with staging was incredible. In all the years we lived there, our home never looked so pulled together, and honestly, it was stunning. She is a true professional and extremely talented in staging and design. When we build our next house, we’re hiring her to help us with it and to be our interior designer!”

* Had 10 offers the first day on the market, went under contract, and SOLD immediately.

Happy Ponte Vedra Beach Homeowner