Design Services

At Sidney Cardel's

Interior Design Services are our specialty. Store owner, Cathy Thomasson has always had a flair for fashion and design and has been decorating businesses and homes for years. An artist by trade, she just has the gift of visualizing whatever it takes to make a room or home look complete. A Fashion Merchandising and Fashion Design major, Cathy has worked on numerous projects in both commercial and residential design, including HGTV's Dream Home and HGTV's Green Home projects as a "Designer Liaison".

"I love being able to offer design services through my store Sidney Cardel's, which enables me to have unlimited resources for furnishings and accessories," says Cathy. "I have so much fun in being able to collaborate with clients using what they have and reworking it into something new and unique. They tell me all the time how things they have never looked so good!" Cathy jokes.

Cathy loves creating spaces that first and foremost are comfortable to her clients. She also brings in natural elements and repurposed items whenever possible to bring a conscious 'green' component into her projects. "What I try and achieve is a place where my clients want to come home….and then just smile knowing this is where they live. To see such gratitude for helping people feel really proud and comfortable in their homes is truly wonderful! I just love it!"

The majority of Cathy's clients are customers from her store that once they walk into Sidney Cardel's say, "I want to just live here!". "How great is that?" Cathy responds.

So, whether you're looking for traditional, contemporary, cottage or coastal decor, Cathy can help you achieve the look you desire. Cathy is happy to meet with you to discuss your needs, your budget, your desire...and then take it from there. Design fees are available upon request.

Cathy books appointments for holiday decorating as well. "I call it front and focus", says Cathy. "I start with decorations my client has, and then add elements within our budget and decorate a foyer and main room or whatever you see as you enter a home or business in the main area. This is usually where their tree is….ie 'front and focus' approach." Additional rooms are available for decorating at additional costs. Please contact Sidney Cardel's at 904-372-4000 to inquire and book your decorating appointment.